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Inverter welding machines do not last in the mines and workshops.


ARC Welding Machine Series AC 
Model  ICM  BX1  Type Industrial heavy duty welding machines for Mines and Industries.

In South Africa         For sale

  AC BX1  Type Industrial heavy duty welding machines Mines



Item no.ARC300, AC, 380V  300 Amp  Price:R10,995 Excl VAT

Item no.ARC400, 380V  400 Amp  Price: R12,495 Excl VAT

Item no.ARC400, 525V  400 Amp Price: R13,995 Excl VAT

Item no.ARC550 380V 550 Amp Price: R15,995 Excl VAT

Please note inverter type do not last more than 2 months in workshops & mines.     

Because mine dust are conductive it can short all electronic circuits. But transformer type last long.  

AC Product Description
moving core, forced air cooling structure;

Stable arc, little spatter, deep penetration, ensure good welding quality;

High efficiency, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain;

Suitable for welding low carbon steel, low alloy steel structure.

Special price  Till: 19 April 2024  

Item no.ARC400 Price: 400 Amp 3 phase 380 or 525 volts R10,995 Excl VAT for Mines

Item no.ARC550 Price: 550 Amp 3 phase 380

Item no: 250 AMP none inverter 220 volts R1995 Incl VAT ( not this shape)

Item no: 250 AMP Both AC and DC none inverter 220 volts R5,995 Excl VAT

Earth clamp, Electrode included wire not included  

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Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.

For orders over 3 machines you can buy at dealer prices.

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The flux covering the electrode melts during welding.  This forms the gas and slag to shield the arc and molten weld pool.  The slag must be chipped off the weld bead after welding. The flux also provides a method of adding scavengers, deoxidizers, and alloying elements to the weld metal.  


If your company is experiencing these or other welding problems you can retain AMC to improve your weld processing.  Hire AMC to act as your welding specialist.   

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