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                                        AC/DC TIG Welding machine WSE 315            Special price Till: 19 April 2024


WSE 250 Price: R 18,000   Incl torch and VAT . 

WSE 315 Price: R 23,000   Incl torch and VAT .

  Gas regulator R 300ExcludingVAT
  Contact Details                  Stock available.

Extra set of nozzles per pack  R 95

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ICM Industries

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Product Details We also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique.

Good current stiffness, easy to fill wire, beautiful welding appearance

※    AC welding is suitable for welding stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and others non-ferrous metal, and DC welding is suitable for welding Aluminium and Aluminium alloy products

※    AC TIG and DC TIG functions with soft arc and low noise

WSE 250 Price: R 18,000   Incl torch and VAT . 

WSE 315 Price: R 23,000   Incl torch and VAT .

If you need Foot pedal  R1360 Excl VAT.

Product Description

WSE-315 Square Wave TIG Welding machine/welder

Main Features:

1. This welding machine can use DC to weld stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and non-ferrous metals; Also can use AC to weld Aluminium and Aluminium alloy.

2. Protection for over-voltage and over-current.

3. Digital current show, convenient.

4. With Remote Foot Current Control, convenient for work of long distance and high altitude.

5. Small in size, light in weight and less noise.

6. High efficiency and energy saving.

Parameter MODEL
Rated Input Voltage (V) AC38010% 50/60Hz(3 Phase)
Rated Input Current (A) 19
Rated Input Capacity (KVA) 10
Rated output Current (A) 315
Output Current Range (A) 20-315
No-Load Voltage (V) 56
Rated Output Voltage (V) 25
Pre-Flow (S) 0-2
Clean Width(%) 20-80
Attenuation Time 0-5
Post-flow Time (S) 2-10
ARC Initiating Model High Frequency
Efficiency (%) ≥85
Load Duty Cycle(%) 60
Power Factor ≥93
Insulation Grade B
Safeguard Grade IP21
Weight (kg) 33
Dimensions (mm) 540360300
Welding thickness (mm) 15

Welding of Aluminium     Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.

Welding of Aluminum Alloys

The specific properties that affect welding are its oxide characteristics, its thermal, electrical, and nonmagnetic characteristics, lack of colours change when heated, and wide range of mechanical properties and melting temperatures that result from alloying with other metals...
To be honest with you, please note 99% of inverter machines are made in China. Even when we order from Europe the machines are shipped from China.

A few companies assemble these inverter machines in South Africa, but again they import them in a few pieces from china.

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