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 HDPE Pipe Butt fusion Welding machines South Africa Special price 19 April 2024:  :   For sale

Both Manual and Hydraulic    Tel:060 610 7549 and only if our land line is out of order 072 088 8986     In South Africa,  

                                          We beat any written quote. one year warrantee.

Mini hand extrusion welder gun for welding HDPE PP PVDF

sheet (Metabo Auger)


hand extrusion welder gun for welding HDPE Sa 

    Price:R62,995  complete  Excl VAT  Item GBW1

  • 3400w powerful and stable hot air heating system
  • 360 ° rotating welding nozzle
  • Exclusively developed feeding and extruding systems 
  • to get smoother 
  • extrusion and longer lifetime
  • assembles 1300W Germany Metabo auger, powerful 
  • & protective

5 kg 4 mm HDPE Coil for welding Gun Price: R1260+VAT

Butt Welders

BDDR 400V electric welding equipment price HDPE

Electro fusion welding machine 20 to 400mm

with electrofusion scraper

Plastic welding torch

Hot Air Gun

R1000  incl VAT


Bdcc63 Socket Butt Fusion Welder For Pe Hdpe Ppr Pipe Butt Fusion Welding  Machine - Buy Pe Pipe Socket Welder,Socket Butt Fusion Welding Machine,Pe  Hdpe Ppr Pipe Welding Machine Product on Alibaba.com

Socket welder

Core drilling machine south Africa

Diamond Core drilling machines and accessories  

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