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 HDPE Pipe Butt fusion Welding machines South Africa Special price 19 July 2022 For sale

Both Manual and Hydraulic    Tel:060 610 7549 and only if our land line is out of order 072 088 8986     In South Africa,  

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Bdcc63 Socket Butt Fusion Welder For Pe Hdpe Ppr Pipe Butt Fusion Welding  Machine - Buy Pe Pipe Socket Welder,Socket Butt Fusion Welding Machine,Pe  Hdpe Ppr Pipe Welding Machine Product on Alibaba.com

Hand held butt welding machine 

Hand held Socket welding machine 20 to 63 mm   R1595 excl VAT

Hand held socket welding machine 75 to 110 mm   R1460 excl VAT

220 volts More suitable for thinner pipes that you want to make the end male and female welded by melting.

 HDPE butt welder

63-200 Butt welder      Price:R13,995  complete  Excl VAT  Believe it is right price.

                   63-200 Butt fusion welder
Model  SH63-200-2HY
Welding Range (mm) 63 75 90 110 125 140 160 180 200
Heating Plate Max. Tep. 270℃
Temp. Deviation in surface ≤+5℃
Working voltage 220V 50HZ
Heating Plate Power 1.6KW
Planning Tool Power 0.71KW
Total Power 2.31KW
Pressure Adjustable Ranges 0-6.3MPa
Weight 48KG
Volume 0.2M³

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HDPE Electro Fusion

HDPE extruder Gun 


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