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63-200 Butt fusion welder

Model SH63-200-2HY
Welding Range (mm)63 75 90 110 125 140 160 180 200
Heating Plate Max. Tep.270℃
Temp. Deviation in surface≤+5℃
Working voltage220V 50HZ
Heating Plate Power1.6KW
Planning Tool Power0.71KW
Total Power2.31KW
Pressure Adjustable Ranges0-6.3MPa

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Hydraulic butt fusion machine ICM 315-500mm  Price: R85,495 Excl Vat   380 Volts 12 KW

Hydraulic butt fusion machine 315-630 mm  Price: R129,495 Excl Vat  380Volts  12KW

Hydraulic butt fusion machine 630-800mm  Price: R170,495 Excl Vat 380 volts 16 KW Complete machine.

Hydraulic butt fusion machine 700-1000mm  Price: R370,495 Excl Vat  Complete machine.

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90-315 Butt fusion HDPE pipe Welding machine ICM90-315

Voltage 220 V     Weight 250 Kg

Heating plate 3.1 KW

Hydraulic motor : 0.75 Kw

Planning tool power: 1.1 Kw

Complete machine


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DNY, DNJ Series Portable Spot Welders

DNJ -35B  Wires Portable Spot Welding Machine

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Spot Welding Machine

  1. Adopts lever-pedal type spring -pressing structure. is convenient to operate and maintain.
  2. Has adjustable welding time and with good repetition.
  3. Is widely applied to steel ding mild steel plate, wire workpieces and stainless steel plate etc.
  4. Including both control for Amp and Time.

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Inverter Industrial Heavy Duty Welding Machine

  • Moving core, forced air cooling structure.
  • Stable arc, little spatter, deep penetration, ensure good welding quality.
  • High efficiency, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Suitable for welding low carbon steel, low alloy steel structure.

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Air Plasma Cutters LGK Heavy Duty Series

Heavy-duty industrial plasma cutter

Adopts compressed air as cutting gas source,

High temperature and highly concentrated plasma as a heat source;

Can cut conductive material in want only shape, get a good curve and smooth edge;

Suitable for cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, Aluminium, copper, composite plate.

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TIG DC Inverter Welding Machine

TIG-300S and TIG 400S DC Inverter TIG welding Machine, with Unique Over Pressure Protection Design

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Inverter ARC Welding Machine

  • Compact in volume, light in weight and power saved
  • Easy to arc initiation, resistance to interference, good force adjustment
  • Stable welding current, low welding spatter
  • Good welding result, deep welding pool, high intension

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Water Cooled 300 Amp Welding Generator

Rated Current (A)280
Rated Voltage (V)220
Welding Current Range (A)45-300
Continuous workingS1
Applicable Electrode (φ)1.2-5.0
PhaseSingle/Three Phase

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TIG Welding Machine/Welder WSE

Good current stiffness, easy to fill wire, beautiful welding appearance. AC welding is suitable for welding stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and other non-ferrous metal, and DC welding is suitable for welding Aluminium and Aluminium alloy products. AC TIG and DC TIG function with soft arc and low noise.

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TIG Welding Machine TIG200-AC/DC

TIG200-AC/DC Aluminium High Frequency Inverter Square Wave AC/DC TIG Welding Machine Ample with Super Cost/Order form Performance Ratio Excluding inverter Arc welding

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